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The biggest problem of students and bachelors of faculty of law is not knowing their profession and what it is supposed to be. Every year, Faculties of Law in Turkey graduates thousands of people, but they do not make a contribution to its graduates about future planning during the education and training process. The internship program in school years that is mandatory in all other professions is, unfortunately, practiced by hardly any Faculty of Law. After graduation, the students in the Faculties of Law gain their places in the market for the purpose of fulfilling the requirements of the system without making a plan or setting a goal. In other words, they start their law internship while trying to understand the profession. The internship can be either exhausting or hebetating, depending on the intensity and the type of the work that the employer attorney does. Unfortunately, many interns, instead of learning the principles of law, repeatedly do attachment proceedings, rush around at the doorstep of the court rooms or work as an office boy or a secretary in a lawyer’s office. It is an undeniable fact that this and similar internships do not please the intern lawyers and increase their despair. An unproductive internship period disinclines many lawyers in the very beginning of their profession and unfortunately, influences their point of view on the profession in a negative way. In the internship period, it is highly important for the employer attorney to personally pay attention to the intern, to determine which field of law the intern has capability and to what extent and to encourage the intern to follow that particular field. It shouldn’t be forgotten that an unproductive internship period will affect the intern’s whole professional life in a negative way. Lawyer’s career path is shaped by the choices they made in their first years. Therefore, making the right choice is highly important. In addition to this, selection of a field is one of the important criteria. Specializing in a particular field, also having a grasp of other subjects have importance on personal development and achieving one’s goals. Only the people who doesn’t have good knowledge on conventional subjects of law has little to no chance to be successful on a specific field. Law is a whole, over-specializing on a specific field shouldn’t prevent you from seeing the whole.

As Çelik & Çelik Partners Law Firm, we place great importance on internship period as opposed to the usual and we deal with our interns personally during the whole internship period. With this mission, we provide you, precious graduates with a chance that has never been given to you in your education term. And, while teaching the fundamentals of law, we help you on choosing and specializing a field. And, by this means, you start your profession one step ahead from the other lawyer you take your license with.


Çelik & Çelik Partners Law Firm offers their lawyers a career that is prepared according to their specialty. Many of our experienced lawyers has joined to our firm after working with the most prestigious and famous brands in Turkey after their graduation. Çelik & Çelik Partners Law Firm hire successful and famous lawyers from different experience level by using both increasing needs of clients in consideration of the development in technology and the criteria that different fields of law require. Çelik & Çelik Partners Law Firm offers their lawyer a career that is shaped considering different fields of specialization of law.


Çelik & Çelik Partners Law Firm adopt working with their intern lawyers that they choose after a long, detailed process of elimination as a principle, when they take their license after the end of their internship and after training them to be successful in their career. Our experienced lawyers who are assigned to be the instructors of interns make interns do all necessary work concerning practice and theory. And, within this concept, they train them on cases, preparation of contracts, conducting operations at official authorities and the like. They provide applied training based on theory on all kinds of core processes of law. And, our interns, in the light of the training they received, weekly prepare working reports. These reports are review by their instructors and at the end of the internship term, particular reports are presented to top executives of our firm. The candidates entitled to take their license and matching the criteria determined by our firm have a chance to become an executive lawyer in consideration of the knowledge and experience they gain and as a result of the effort and practice they made.


Our summer internship program gives a chance to law students from all around Turkey to take a career opportunity at Çelik & Çelik Partners Law Firm. The interns who gain a right to join our summer internship program after a long, detailed process of revision get a chance to be involved in important legal studies and primary proceedings and cases that the lawyers of elik & Çelik Partners Law Firm work on and to learn theory and practice at the same time within this context and to strengthen the theory with practice. On the purpose of creating such environment where interns and Other employees of elik & Çelik Partners Law Firm can easily work together, the interns are expected to have great communication skill, social maturity and knowledge of foreign language.